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Cherry firewood burns well but not as long or hot as the more dense hardwoods like oak. Despite this, it is usually well liked and makes good firewood. It dries quickly and splits easily. A lot of people like burning cherry wood because it produces a nice fragrance as it burns.

Firewood Usage

Cherry will produce 20.0 million BTU's per cord.

The firewood is known for its pleasant aroma when burnt making it a popular choice for a fireplace.

Cherry does seem to spark more than other hardwoods which could lead to issues when burnt in an open fireplace. Using a fireplace screen will help prevent sparks from escaping.

Cherry is easy to split and supplies moderate heat when compared to oak, maple or beech which are superior firewood choices.

While it may not be the top choice in the firewood rankings, cherry can supply you with a beautiful, warm fire that also smells terrific.

Wonderful as a cooking wood Cherry wood has a sweet mild, fruity flavor that is a good match for all meats

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