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Is ash firewood a good choice to burn this winter? The answer is yes, in fact some may argue that ash is the best firewood to use! The ash tree is a common tree found throughout most of the United States and Canada. 16 different species of ash have been identified, but the white ash and green ash are the most common species sought after for firewood. Although ash may produce slightly lower BTU's than oak or sugar maple, it's a popular firewood choice for many people. Ash is known for splitting very easy and having a low moisture content.
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 Called the "Firewood of Kings" “Ash wood wet or ash wood dry, a King will warm his slippers by.” Don’t know who made up the verse but it is true. If you can have only one firewood pick white ash. Ash can be safely burned green or cured unlike any other wood that I know of. The moisture content of just cut ash is only a few percentage points higher than it is when cured and so it will burn readily in your woodstove with no start up or creosote problems. It also has good heat value almost as high as oak.

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