Welcome to NAFEX Franktown

Nafex Franktown is a partner owned and operated business, located in historic Franktown, Colorado. We feature more than a dozen selections of firewood cut and seasoned for your specific burning needs. If it's camping, entertaining, heating or cooking, we provide a fuel wood best suited for the occasion. Our woods are available to you by the cord, partial cord or by the armload for your convenience in sampling different woods.

Lodgepole pine firewood is considered by many to be one of the better pines and softwoods for firewood. It can put out a fair amount of heat and will last a while. Lodgepole pine tends to be a slower growing and more dense pine with one of the higher BTU rating of the pines. It also has thin bark so when you get a cord of lodgepole, you are getting more wood and less bark. It is a good all around wood for wood stoves, fireplaces and outdoor fires.